Wednesday 20 March 2019

Patuxent Riverkeeper

Patuxent Riverkeeper Fred Tutman was born and raised along the Patuxent River as were seven generations of his ancestors before him. In 2004, Fred founded Patuxent Riverkeeper to be a grassroots community advocate for clean water in Maryland’s longest and deepest intrastate waterway. He is among the…

Potomac Riverkeeper

Dean Naujoks joined Potomac RIVERKEEPER® Network in 2015 as the Potomac RIVERKEEPER®. Dean Naujoks has over 20 years of environmental non-profit experience. He began his non-profit career in 1991 with the NC Wildlife Federation. After graduating from NC State University, with a self-created degree in Environmental Policy and…

Sassafras Riverkeeper

The SassafrasRIVERKEEPER® is part of ShoreRivers that employs four Riverkeepers, Choptank, Miles-Wye, Chester and Sassafras Riverkeepers, who regularly patrol their rivers and tributaries, are ready to combat illegal pollution, and serve as guardians for these living resources. ShoreRivers is a merger of these Riverkeeper programs that occured in 2018 and…

Severn Riverkeeper

The mission of the Severn RIVERKEEPER® is to protect and restore the Severn River for families and future generations. Its goal is to reduce pollution, muddy runoff, contamination, and loss of habitat so that the Severn is removed from EPA’s “impaired waterways” list and is once again safe and…

Shenandoah Riverkeeper

Mark Frondorf joined Potomac RIVERKEEPER® Network in 2015 as the Shenandoah RIVERKEEPER®. Having guided on the Shenandoah and Potomac for almost twenty years, Mark comes to the Shenandoah Riverkeeper position used to hard work and recognizing the importance of a hands-on approach to protecting our rivers.  His passion for the…


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