Monday 27 May 2019

Our urban and suburban streams and rivers are plagued by polluted runoff every time it rains. Stormwater transports trash, oil, and toxic chemicals into our waterways. And when sewers overflow, raw sewage also flows into our rivers. The impacted communities that are often the most disadvantaged. Our Waterkeepers are using several strategies to reduce polluted stormwater runoff, ensuring that our neighborhood streams become fishable and swimmable once again.

Waterkeepers Chesapeake and several Riverkeepers have been fighting to get the states to issue permits that adequately control polluted runoff. We have been in the courts for several years arguing for:

  • enforceable limits in the permits,
  • public participation processes when setting deadlines and limits,
  • adequate monitoring and compliance timetables; and
  • requirements for the elimination of non-stormwater pollution discharges

You can help document polluted runoff with photos and video by using our Water Reporter app. Download it today!

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